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Permanent Works

Permanent Works

Explore the trails across the Surrey Hills and discover artworks from our Inspiring Views programme.

The Optohedron

The Optohedron

A sculptural seat by Will Nash on the North Downs Way near Newlands Corner.
Sculptural installation

House of Invisible Hands

Walter Bailey uncovers the historical process of forest glass and responds with an innovative structure at a viewpoint on Farnham Heath
Converse by Matthew Burt


A circle of hand crafted sweet chestnut benches by Matthew Burt, arranged to encourage conversation and to enjoy the view at Holmbury Hill
Sculptural installation


An extraordinary shelter by Giles Miller nestled in the woods at Winterfold in the Hurtwood, looking out across to the beautiful South Downs
Contour by Russell Jakubowski


Russell Jakubowski’s sculptural bench inspired by the contours and layers of the land at Reynards Hill
Grains by Tom Nicholson Smith


Tom Nicholson Smith’s carved oak forms representing giant grains of sand at Hascombe Hill
Xylem by Walter Bailey


Walter Bailey’s sculptural bench inspired by the vessels in charcoal at Gibbet Hill, Hindhead
Radius by James Tunnard, Denbies Hillside


James Tunnard’s curving seating bearing inspirational words at Denbies Hillside
Coccolith Photo: John Miller


Instar’s circular artwork made from local ironstone to sit and admire the view on the North Downs Way.