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By Russell Jakubowski

In developing this piece, sculptor Russell Jakubowski was inspired by the geology of the Greensand Way and the physical shape of the landscape at Reynards Hill. His innovative Contour bench is made up of many layers of recycled material. It presents a dynamic form in response to the result of a great cycle of marine sedimentation that lasted until the end of the cretaceous period when the land lay beneath water. The layers of sedimentation, contours of the land and the visible forms and cycles of nature inspired this design.

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Contour is located at the viewpoint on Reynards Hill in the Hurtwood.

Car Park 4 of the Hurtwood located at the corner of Winterfold Heath Lane (marked as Greensand Lane on Google maps) and Barhatch Road, GU6 7NL.
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With thanks for support from the Mittal Foundation.

Russell Jakubowski on Contour Seat
Russell Jakubowski on Contour Seat

Russell Jakubowski

Russell Jakubowski is an artist inspired by the physical world and our relationship with it. His layered sculptures demonstrate his ongoing fascination with profile shapes. There are connections with landscape, contours, ecology and barometric mapping. Russell has created sculptural works and seating for public and private spaces.