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As part of the Inspiring Views programme, Graham Dowdall created a site-specific soundtrack for each location. You can download the track below to listen when you visit Holmbury Hill.

Holmbury Hill Soundtrack by Graham Dowdall.


By Matthew Burt

Furniture designer Matthew Burt is inspired by the material of wood itself and the many different home grown tree species he works with. Matthew come sweet chestnut for Converse, a species which readily grows in the Hurtwood. These beautifully crafted benches are placed in an arrangement that allows for social conversation and picnics as well as facing out to the inspiring view at this lesser trodden spot at Holmbury Hill.

Plan your visit

Car Park 1, Radnor Road, Holmbury St. Mary, Surrey RH5 6NU. Converse is on your right as you enter from the car park.
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With thanks to the Mittal Foundation.

Matthew Burt on site visit at Holmbury Hill
Matthew Burt on site visit at Holmbury Hill

Matthew Burt

Matthew Burt is a furniture designer who runs a contemporary practice creating pieces for museums, interiors, public art and private commissions.Matthew regards the ‘intermingling of science, engineering, mathematics, aesthetics and metaphorics’ as the building blocks for his furniture.