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Oak Stones

Walter Bailey’s oak sculpture on Leith Hill, one of the highest points in the South East

Leith Hill, Dorking

These three oak pieces were carved by Walter Bailey and sit alongside the impressive Leith Hill tower. They draw the visitor to the viewpoint to look out over the South Downs.

This sculpture was installed in 2005 following Walter’s commission to create boundary posts for the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. There are twelve of these tall, sculptured markers across the Surrey Hills.

More by this Artist

Walter Bailey has also created Xylem and House of Invisible Hands within the Surrey Hills. His sculptures have been commissioned world wide. See more of his work here


Leith Hill, Dorking, RH5 6LX
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Plan your visit

Oak Stones can be found on top of Leith Hill, near Leith Hill Tower. The location is near Coldharbour village, Dorking, Surrey.
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