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By Giles Miller

This pod-like shelter is nestled in the woods at Winterfold in the Hurtwood. The visitor enjoys a secluded experience sitting and looking out across to the beautiful South Downs. The steel structure is entirely clad in cedar shingles that have slowly greyed over the years making the artwork feel truly part of its natural surroundings.

Many of the shingles have been engraved with words from visitors to the site. There are observations from infants at the local school, regular walkers expressing their love of the place or people who are making dedications. The cedar shingles also make up the long curved seating within the pod encouraging dialogue between visitors as they meet at this section on the Greensand Way.

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Winterfold Heath Road (often marked Greensand Lane online)
Surrey, GU5 9EN
Grid Reference: TQ063427
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What 3 Words location: Desktop.Corporate.Digestion

Perspectives is on the Greensand Way close to Car Park 5 of the Hurtwood. Greensand Lane (also known as Winterfold Heath Road), Surrey GU5 9EN. Wheelchair access from the car park is possible with a strong companion.

As part of the Inspiring Views programme, Graham Dowdall created a site-specific soundtrack for each location. You can download this track to listen to at Winterfold.

Giles Miller installing 'Perspectives'
Giles Miller installing ‘Perspectives’

Giles Miller

Giles Miller heads up a design studio that specialises in innovative surface design and sculptural works. The studio is interested in light, reflection, texture and the manipulation of these elements to create subtle and functional artworks. They have created works for British Airways, London Design Museum, hotels and retail buildings. Giles is working with Kirstie Little who specialises in pattern and texture at an architectural scale.