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Community Eco Spaces

Community Eco Spaces

This project uses creative, practical solutions to address the climate and biodiversity crisis. It’s aim is to achieve ecological green spaces in urban pockets of land across Surrey working with local communities in building and nurturing new green spaces.

There are 2 phases to this project:

  • 1. Research and development – In collaboration with the University of Surrey and Surrey Wildlife Trust we will create green spaces, planted with suitable species to attract local wildlife.  Artists will work with ecologists to design sculptural habitats thato support wildlife such as innovative bird, bat and bug boxes. We will work with the University Horticultural Landscape Manager, gardeners and students at the university to create a space on campus to be tested by staff and students.
  • The artists will engage pupils at the nearby Kings College secondary school to create habitats for a wild space in their grounds. They will also work with groups through the Arts for All programme at Watts Gallery, Through the intense learning of the artists working alongside ecologists and horticulturalists, we will evaluate and monitor the projects to help inform the development of further spaces across the county.
  • 2. Building community spaces – Utilising the methods and designs we have gained through Phase 1, we will engage specific communities in creating their own spaces. Each of the public spaces created as part of this project will be monitored and maintained.
  • We are working with the Surrey Hills Society to fundraise for Part 2 of this project. We have applied to Your Fund Surrey, and you can agree or comment on our idea here:
  • Support our proposal
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