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The Optohedron Film

The Optohedron by Will Nash is an artwork on the North Downs Way, Albury Estate, near Newlands Corner. It is part of the ‘Inspiring Views’ programme of sculptural seating, view clearance and conservation work. The geometry of the Icosahedron defines the sculptural form of the Optohedron, initially it appears to be quite simple; an arrangement of 5 identical cells, creating a rising curved sequence, but if you were to continue with the sequence adding another 15 cells the structure would complete into a sphere, so the sculpture is a fragment of a missing whole. The Optohedron also contains 3 kaleidoscopic elements, playing further with the act of viewing – manipulating views of the surrounding nature. The frame of the Optohedron is constructed from Weathering Steel which forms a protective layer of rust on its surface under the influence of the weather. The 5 cells are packed with Hazel logs coppiced at the site to create solid external surface, between the logs there are gaps for small creatures to inhabit.