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Forest Listening

Forest Listening

By Liz K Miller

Forest Listening is a project that explores the essential relationship between humans and trees. For three months, Liz K Miller recorded the sound of rain beneath the sandy paths at Blackheath Forest, and from this sonic data created a visualisation in print.

The cyanotypes depicting the sounds are printed onto banners to create listening zones. Her interest is Green Water, the moisture that cycles through plants, and this art installation highlights the complexity and fragility of these essential ecosystems, re-connecting humans with our non-human companion species – the trees.

The densely-wooded Surrey Hills is the ideal location to consider our perception of the forest environment, the benefits it brings us, and the importance of our combined futures. 

You can listen to the sounds and gain a further insight to this project at the Forest Listening blog.

First shown at Blackheath Forest in Summer 2019, the next installation can be experienced in September 2020 in the Limnerslease Woodland at Watts Gallery Artists’ Village. See more about this event here.

With thanks for additional support from:

Liz Miller - Forest Listening
Liz K Miller, Blackheath Forest 2019

Liz K Miller

Liz K Miller (b. 1983, Hexham) is a London-based artist and printmaker. She graduated from Edinburgh College of Art (BA), Camberwell College of Art (MA), and was a print fellow at the Royal Academy Schools (2013 to 2016). She was recently awarded an AHRC TECHNE scholarship to undertake a practice-lead PhD at the Royal College of Art, researching sound-visualization and eco-acoustics in forests. The work is sensory-immersive and aims to reflect upon our relationship to, and our dependency on, the woodland hydrological cycle by highlighting the complexity, fragility, and necessity of ‘green water’.