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Forest Listening at Watts Gallery

A temporary audio visual installation in the woods.

Monday 7 September – Sunday 4 October. Free.

Wander through Limnerslease woodland at the Watts Gallery Artists’ Village and experience the hidden sounds of a rainstorm recorded from beneath the forest floor. Then find the display of blueprints, hanging from the trees, each one a visualisation of the forest rainstorm sounds.

Liz K Miller has created a series of cyanotypes that depict different levels of the sounds. These are printed onto banners to create listening zones in the woodland. Her interest is Green Water, the moisture that cycles through plants, and this art installation highlights the complexity and fragility of these essential ecosystems, re-connecting humans with our non-human companion species – the trees.

Visitors are advised to wear sturdy shoes and take care around the banner cords.


Free temporary installation in the woodland with accompanying soundtrack.
The installation will be situated away from the pathway so the ground may be uneven.


Watts Gallery, Down Lane, Compton, Surrey GU3 1DQ. As you approach the gallery, the nearest car park is on your left signposted Limnerslease Studios. Alternatively, you can use the main Watts Gallery Car Park for access to the galleries, tea room and facilities.
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You can listen to this accompanying soundtrack while moving amongst the banners or access this on the Smartify App.


You can read more about the Forest Listening Project on Liz K Miller’s blog.